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INTRODUCTIONRetriever Communications was founded in 1996 with the sole mission being the development of a Mobile Application Service to be delivered on hand held, laptop computers and smart phones, over public mobile telecommunications.Since then, Retriever has established itself successfully both in Australia and overseas, specializing in offering companies a wireless (mobile) service for field force automation, which allows dynamic scheduling of field technicians and the replacement of paper in the field with fast, secure digital data capture. Although established in Australia, twenty percent of Retriever’s annual revenue is now derived from exports. Thus the successful export of its products and services is of great importance. In 2003, Retriever Communications successfully delivered a wireless in-field logistics system for the postmen of HK Post. This system allows postmen to use hand held computers, both inĀ­ depot at the start of day and then dynamically through out their delivery and pick-up runs. The wireless system is also fully integrated to HK Post’s dispatch and spatial scheduling system. Though Retriever specializes in such wireless field force automation the HK Post project presented the additional telecommunications challenges of:
Working across private and public wireless networks seamlessly and the management of reconnections,
Data management when network ‘blackĀ­holes’ were encountered.

Retriever regularly had staff on site in HK but all design, development and unit testing were conducted in Retriever’s Australian offices. HONG KONG POST WIRELESS PROJECT HK Post is a government owned postal agency that services both the island and the main land. It does everything of a typical post office, such as hand mail and parcel delivery, but it also handles the collection of parcels. HK Post prides its self on being a very innovative company involving a great deal of technology and infrastructure. The project, in which Retriever became involved, initially started in 2002. With over 500 field staff at HK Post performing collection and delivery services, there was a need for a mobile technology that could improve efficiency and use the real time information that was being generated by the postal service offices. Their solution was to equip the field staff with hand held computers linked wirelessly back to the mail centres that would run geo spatial mapping systems for intelligent routing and scheduling operations. Intergraph, a partner of Retriever, offered HK Post such a service and Retriever designed and supplied a mobile extension to the dispatch and mapping systems.The extent of Retriever’s project was to provide a mobile solution to enable HK Post to:
Track parcel collection & delivery information of both domestic and international consignments
Track the transfer of consignments between field staff and distribution centres.
Track mail collection from post box
Assign jobs online and send them dynamically during the day to workers in the field. Provide a range of information about HK Post services (such as pricing, weight tables, etc)

HK Post had many stringent requirements placed on the mobile solution to be offered by Retriever, far more than experienced in local projects. These included all areas of work such as handheld hardware, software, usability, localization, system reliability, communications, security, project management, testing, integration and more. TECHNICAL CHALLENGES OF THE HK POST PROJECT The HK Post project consisted of numerous challenges across a variety of aspects in the system. Below is an outline of some of these that are related to telecommunications:Mixed Networks and ReliabilityHKP wanted to make use of a mixture of network technologies to maximize connectivity and reliability whilst minimizing infrastructure and operational costs. When a worker was out in the field the public GPRS networks provided by one of the local telecommunications companies was to be used, however, as each worker arrived back in to a depot a local and secure WiFi (802.11 b) wireless network would take over as the preferred communications channel. In the event of neither network being available, the devices could continue to work offline and data communicated when the device is placed in to a cradle dock with Ethernet LAN access. In addition, the system was to automatically reconnect in the event of transient network loss, such as drop outs and black-spots as workers traversed the many building lifts and car parks in the heavily populated areas of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.At the time, no software existed to provide all the functionality required, and Retriever extended its original product line of GPRS support to include WiFi with authentication and encryption to HK Post standards as well as the roaming between networks types. Testing was made locally in Hong Kong to verify the communications worked correctly in the production environment.Handheld DevicesThe device selected for use by the workers is of critical importance. The device hardware must be fit the application for which it is to be used, in this case ruggedised construction, high performance for processing many parcels at once, operate for long times on a single battery charge and be ergonomically designed for a worker to carry it with them each day.The challenge of user acceptance on the software interface for the handheld required a particular focus to cultural issues. For HK Post the application required language localization with a mixture of English and Chinese translations for forms and data. The readability and menu navigation reflected other systems at HK Post.Several types of hardware and revisions of applications were prototyped and field tested by HK Post staff to evaluate the options. The final selection by HK Post was to use Intermec 700 Pocket PC devices using function keys for fast input and bar code scanning capability.In the case of device failure, a flexible system was required to enable workers to continue operations. This was solved by the fact that any worker could use any device; they could simply pick up another one in the event of failure and sign-on to the system (a simple combination of barcode scanning an identification card and entering a PIN code). All the information that particular worker needed would then be down loaded.LESSONS LEARNT IN AN OVERSEAS MARKETThere are always lessons to be learnt with each new project, especially when dealing in an overseas market. There are the cultural issues and cross time zone communication difficulties. Having a local presence, that is, company representatives in Asia, largely reduces these and can act as a channel back to Australia.When exporting a service, such as system design, the quality assurance and project management should include processes to allow all stakeholders to track status, deliverables and acceptance of work. When different cultural work patterns and motivations are occurring the process acts as a common reference point that can transcend cultural barriers. The challenge is having such systems not only agreed but adhered too.By end of 2003, Retriever had completed the majority of the system for the HK Post project. Retriever had successfully integrated, installed and run each component in Hong Kong, allowing HKP the instant communication it needs between its office and its workers out in the field. The production of this system having been designed, constructed and tested locally in Sydney is a great example of how Australian know-how can be taken to the world market.http://www.retriever.com.au

Delightful Rattan Garden Furniture

There are many types of garden furniture but rattan furniture is one of the more popular types. Many homeowners prefer rattan garden furniture for its elegance, style and durability that makes it a perfect garden piece.Rattan PreferenceThe strong preference for rattan garden furniture is worldwide. Rattan is considered a material that is very versatile with many strong points. It can be shaped and colored according to the preferred style and comfort. There may be many uses for rattan but its main use lies in its preference as rattan furniture.Different pieces can be shaped with rattan which can be fittingly placed in any location in or outside the home or building such as the conservatory, garden, verandah, sunroom, greenhouse, outdoor entertaining area or patio.They are light pieces which can be carried around easily but exude beauty and comfort. Rattan furniture requires minimum maintenance while not being costly to purchase and maintain. These and many more points make rattan the preferred choice for furniture.Weather Resistant.Homeowners must consider the weather when it comes to garden furniture. If the furniture is to be left out in the garden, then it must be of a kind that will be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Rattan lawn furniture makes the best choice for all weather conditions; there is no need to bring in the pieces when it rains or snows unless there are cushion pieces.An easy wipe of the furniture pieces will restore the beauty and functionality of rattan furniture. There is no water retention with the ‘holey’ designs of rattan furniture. There is no special treatment required as the furniture pieces have been well treated to withstand all weather conditions.Tips and TricksWhen rattan garden furniture is purchased, one can exercise some tips and tricks to ensure that the pieces will last longer while offering the best of comfort, functionality and aesthetics. If rattan lawn furniture is to be left in the outdoors, it is best to leave them in the shade where possible. Otherwise, lean them against the table or railing to allow a better run off of the rain water.Stack the pieces up if possible to free up the space and wipe them with a soft damp cloth or just sweep over them with a feather duster. There is no necessity in repainting rattan garden furniture as it is difficult to achieve a good finish unless it is performed by a professional painter or sprayer.

Payday Loan Lenders Do Not Trap Like Credit Card Companies

Payday loan lenders may have high interest, but credit cards have many more pitfalls to trap you into debt. Both are convenient to use. With a direct payday loan lender getting money deposited into your bank account is fast and a credit card fits nicely into your wallet to take with you everywhere you go. They both can help you salvage your bank account when your paycheck is still a few days away, with the credit card giving you continued usage over time. Spend the money, pay towards your debt and have more available balance to spend. It is an easy trap to fall into. Payday loan lenders lend money once per application. When you pay this debt back there is no reusing it unless you apply for a new payday loan. Not the best choice for you and clearly not a spending trap.Avoid falling into credit card debt traps. One of the biggest traps for spending more on cards is by using credit card checks. These checks can make payments by mail, pay off other debt, or used in any way that a regular check can be used. The difference being that the money spent is added to your credit debt and is charged a much higher interest than regular purchases.There are often times creditors offers for special low rates in order to transfer other balances to their company. This is a great decision as long as you do not keep spending on the card. The low interest is only for a short period of time. Once the deadline arrives the balance is then applied to a higher interest rate. If you have made purchases on this card, than you defeated the purpose of transferring your debt. The goal is to pay down the balance, but the credit card trap is too inviting for many to spend more.Another trap you may find yourself into is using your credit card at an ATM. The fast $100 here and there instead of using your checking account may not seem like a big deal. These withdrawals are charged interest rates of cash advances and could have fees attached to the ATM process. You are better off getting a loan from an online payday loan lender if you need an extra $100 before payday.Some people fall into the rewards game trap. If I just spend this much more, I can qualify for this prize. Earning points and trading them in for rewards is all fun, but not when you spend just to get the reward. The purchases will build up your balance and will need to be paid off. Sometimes buying the reward on its own will be a less expensive venture than using credit card rewards point programs as an incentive.Getting a credit card, using it and paying for it becomes so routine that one forgets to watch the small print. Credit card companies can use any reason or non-reason to raise your interest rate. They don’t even have to inform you of the change. The online payday loan lender will not change the interest rate on you. Everything you sign up for will remain the same. A credit card company will take advantage of the small print on your statement to let you know that your rates have changed.You have to watch your credit card usage in order to stay on top of the game. They set traps and will continue to make offers to you in order to keep you using their card. Payday loan lenders may be available to those with poor credit but the loan amount is a one-time money transaction so additional spending will not keep purchases coming.

Top Ten Trends in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry For 2009

In the current legal environment, businesses want to make sure they are not only exercising due diligence but are also ahead of the curve on legal issues. One of the quickest way to get sued is to not understand the legal environment and latest trends surrounding background checks and employment.One major trend is that federal and state governments will require more background screening in 2009, especially in sensitive jobs, and that more businesses will make Pre-Employment Background Screening a requirement for the job. The increased use of Applicant Tracking Systems will lead to “one button” clicks for background checks.At the same time, consumers are worried about their privacy. That’s why data protection and accuracy have become so critical. The use of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are another minefield for employers.Hot topics for also 2009 include tighter government regulation, privacy concerns, and controversy over sending sensitive data offshore for processing, increasing demand for accurate criminal record reporting, and the probability of more lawsuits against both employers and background screening firms.Here are Ten Trends facing Employers and background screening firm in 2009:1. More Government Regulation: Likely to increase in 2009 are the requirements by federal and state governments for more background checks in sensitive industries – such as child care workers and certain health workers. Another area where the government requires checks is verification of the eligibility of a new hire to work by using the E-verify program. Although litigation has been filed, the announced rules require employers with certain federal government contracts to utilize the E-verily program starting in 2009. Along with the federal government, the states are becoming increasingly involved in regulating screening.2. Privacy and Accuracy: The subjects of privacy, accuracy, and fairness will also be major issues for 2009. Privacy Times newsletter, for example, led off its December 2008 issue with an article criticizing the screening industry. The letter noted that a coalition of legal aid groups has called on the Federal Trade Commission to take enforcement actions against background screening companies for “widespread noncompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s requirements for accuracy and dispute investigations.”The report was especially critical of the use of criminal databases that can falsely accuse an innocent person of being a criminal, and the failure of some screening firms “to take into account the fact that criminal identity theft is unfairly tarring thousands of job applicants.” A leading cause of inaccuracies is matching innocent job applicants to criminal records based upon the same or similar name in a database, without re-verification of the record at the courthouse. A new organization called Concerned CRA’s has taken a stance against utilizing such databases without taking proper measures to ensure accuracy of criminal records.3. Second chance for ex-offenders: Unless as a society, we want to build more prisons than schools or hospitals, something must be done to reduce recidivism and find employment for applicants with criminal records. At the same time, placing the wrong person in the wrong job can be a disaster and cause untold grief. As a result of Title VII and notice from the EEOC, employers are well advised to review their hiring practices to ensure that they are not discriminating against members of protected classes by automatically denying employment without considering whether there is a business justification for disqualification based upon the crime and the job. This will continue to be a developing area in 2009. One example are the new laws passed by the State of New York that become effective this year that place a greater emphasis on employers analyzing a past criminal record to determine whether there is a business justification not to hire a person. The New York law also requires that notice of various rights be provided to job applicants.4. Consumer Protection Litigation: As the screening industry matures, and applicants and their lawyers become much more informed about their consumer rights, it is likely that there will be an increase in litigation. The may include class action lawsuits against screening firms, particularly when it comes to various notices required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and accuracy requirements in the federal law. Since database searches can result in false negatives (meaning a criminal is missed) as well as false positives (meaning an innocent person is labeled a criminal), it is probable that employers and screening firms that rely upon databases may be the subject of litigation where a database search failed to locate a dangerous person.5. Impact of the recession: As a result of the recession and higher unemployment, it is likely that employers will need to scrutinize applications even more carefully, to be on the watch for fraudulent credentials, such as inflated or fictional employment history or educational degrees. Another recession related trend may be the increase in applicants who are willing to perform their own background checks in order to present to employers a self-certification that their credentials are for real. Since more temporary employees and Independent Contractors are hired during a recession, the issue of screening non-employees will continue to be important.6. Data security and data breaches and Offshoring Data: Since identity theft continues to be a national and international problem, expect even more emphasis in 2009 on data security and protection. Closely related is the continuing issue of employers and screening firms offshoring consumer data to India or other similar places for cost savings. Once data leaves the United States., it is beyond U.S. privacy protections. A new organization called Concerned CRA’s has taken a stance against offshoring such data without notification to consumers. The use of home-operator networks also presents an unnecessary risk to privacy as well. There is no justification for personal information to be spread across kitchen tables and dorm rooms across America.7. Accreditation by the NAPBS: The non-profit trade organization for the screening Industry, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners has announced the introduction of an accreditation program. NAPBS has gone through an exhaustive process to develop “Best Practices” for the industry, and it is anticipated that firms will start going through the process this year.8. Social network sites: The use of social networking sites as a pre-employment screening device will continue to be a hot topic in 2009, as more recruiters and HR professionals go online to satisfy their curiosity about candidates. The problem: contrary to popular belief, just because it is online does not mean that it’s a good idea to utilize it without developing policies and procedures. Online material can be inaccurate, discriminatory, and under certain circumstances, its use can be an invasion of privacy. Stay tuned as more courts give their opinions on this issue.9. Integration of services: With the advent of “Web 2.0,” it is likely that technology will play an even bigger role in the coming years. Seamless integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems allow paperless background screening systems at the click of a mouse.10. International background checks: In 2008, we observed that, “With mobility of workers across international borders, due diligence is no longer limited to just what an applicant has done in the United States. Although there are numerous practical and legal challenges as well as data and privacy concerns, international background checks are becoming very accessible to employers.” That will continue to be the trend in 2009 as well.

Learn How to Add Google Gadgets to a Joomla Website

Google offers a tremendous amount of “gadgets” that can be embedded in to your site. These gadgets can be many things including movie show times, currency converters and weather data. If you find one of these that you like, or if you have a client that would like to add one of them to their website, you will need to understand how to include them in to a Joomla website.The most important part of adding Google Gadgets to a Joomla site is finding where and how to put the code so that it will appear only in the locations you or your client specify. This is relatively easy, and I will explain it step by step next.The first thing to do is to find out where to find all of Google’s Gadgets. Go to google.com/ig/directory. Next, choose a Gadget you would like to have on your site and click on “Add to your webpage”. Then click on “Get the Code” underneath the gadget and copy the code and paste it in to a text document and save it someplace on your hard drive.Next, login to the administrator area of your site. Go to Extensions > “Module Manager” and click on “New”. When you are prompted to make a choice, choose “Custom HTML” and click “Next”. Give the module a title and decide if you want the title to show up in the browser for all of your visitors to see.You will have to decide which module position and which pages the Gadget will appear on next. Hopefully you will have thought this out ahead of time and then can add the pages under the “Menu Assignment” pane and choose the module position from the pop-up menu. You can always change both of these anytime you want if you don’t like how the gadget appears on certain pages.Finally, in “Custom Output” click on HTML in the bottom of the pane if you are using an html editor, then paste the code obtained from Google that you had saved in to a text document earlier. If you are not using an HTML editor, just paste the code right in to the Custom Output pane. Now, click “Save” and your Gadget will be in the module position on the pages you had specified.

How to Increase the Size of Penis Naturally and Safely

Every male wish to increase the size of his sexual organ as it is very satisfying for male’s ego and of course a boon for sexual satisfaction. Size of penis depends upon genetics, his physical development and nutrition but as it is popularly believed that one cannot change the size of his organ is a myth, there are many natural ways by which one can increase the size of his male organ for achieving maximum pleasure and giving mind blowing orgasms to his female partner during lovemaking act. This also works well for boosting up one’s confidence and self esteem.Male sexual organ is made up of tissues, veins and nerves; it does not have any muscles. Male’s get erection when they have blood flow towards their genitals and erectile chambers, spongy tissues in the penile shaft, absorb this blood to get stiff and cause an erection. Longer the blood is held in these tissues longer the penis stays erect. By strengthening the blood carrying vessels, increasing the capacity of tissues to absorb more blood and hold it longer, and by increasing the amount of blood pushed into the genitals one can increase the size of his sexual organ.Some people may have an under developed male organ right from the young age and some may acquire it later in their lives due to diseases, age or bad habits, whatever may be the reason there is a way out of this situation. Herbal enlargement pills like Booster capsules are made up of natural substances and herbs to resolve this situation. These pills contain ingredients which can stimulate hormonal activity in the body to increase sensation in the male genitals and promote libido and increased blood flow during arousal. These herbs also clear the blood vessels for smooth supply of blood and in sufficient quantity. Booster capsules help the body in dilating the erectile chambers in the penile shaft which allows them to accommodate more blood and hold it for sufficient duration. The dilation of these tissues increases the size of male sexual organ and gives firmer and longer erection for satisfying lovemaking activity. These pills have no side effects and are harmless for overall health.Apart from pills, massaging the male organ with herbal enlargement oils like Mast Mood oil also increases its size substantially and in short duration. Massage is used for enlarging muscles of the body, though male organ does not have any muscles but yet proper massage can clear the blood carrying vessels and dilate them for carrying more blood, also massage increases the size of blood absorbing tissues in the male organ to increase the size of it. If herbal oil or cream is used along with the massage it doubles the effect, these oils and creams are designed by using herbal ingredients which can break through the skin and affect the tissues and blood carrying vessels by dilating and strengthening them. This effect causes more blood flow and more blood absorption by the tissues to increase the size of penis. While massaging the genitals one draws blood into his genitals, this stimulates hormonal activity and increased secretion of such hormones works well for sexual health of a male.

Eczema and Psoriasis- Information on the Conditions and the Introduction of All-natural Relief

Eczema can be an acute or chronic inflammatory skin condition with scales, papules, crusts, pustules, and/or scabs. There may or may not be a watery discharge. Eczema is more realistically describing a symptom rather than a disease. It is synonymous with another word, dermatitis, used to describe the body’s external skin reaction to irritants.Irritant contact dermatitis is a type of eczema that can be caused by a variety of substances. Solvents, paints, industrial chemicals, astringents, bleach, and some fabrics such as wool can cause redness, itching, and burning upon contact. Any irritant that is concentrated or potent enough can cause an irritation whether the person has skin sensitivity or not.
Food allergies can initiate a flare-up. This is one of the more difficult sources to identify. Incorporating and removing certain foods from the diet usually determine it. If a food is suspect, it should be confirmed under the care of a physician. Presuming a food is the cause and simply removing it from the diet may deprive the body of needed nutrients while missing the real irritant.Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, it is important to follow all the steps to control the disease. You can avoid the side effects that are often experienced with prescription medication by taking a natural approach to management. Eczana(TM) has been created specifically to address these conditions. The products at NeuLife laboratories are made from top quality, all natural ingredients. All formulations have been through a rigorous process of laboratory testing and clinical studies for effectiveness and safety.Continual eczema treatment is essential to keep the condition under control. There is no cure, but there are several things that can be done to prevent flare-ups or an exacerbation of the symptoms. The first requirement is to have an accurate diagnosis. In order to have a treatment plan, you must know which type of eczema you are dealing with. You will also need to know the trigger for the symptoms.Some of the information you will need to give the dermatologist includes when the condition first started, specifics about the signs and symptoms, circumstances that make the condition worse, and a family medical history regarding allergies, hay fever, or eczema. It may be necessary for the dermatologist to do a skin biopsy to rule out other causes before a diagnosis is made.Depending on the type of eczema, a topical medication may be required to relieve the inflammation and discomfort from itching. Quite often, the prescription medication of choice is some type of steroid cream or ointment. Possible side effects include the very symptoms you are trying to control–dry skin, rash, redness, burning, or itching. If too much is absorbed, you may experience dizziness, persistent headache, or vision problems.For excellent products to moisten the skin and to treat the flare-ups of eczema, browse through the products at NeuLife Laboratories. You will find products to repair and revitalize damaged skin. Eczana(TM) is an all-natural product designed specifically to treat the discomfort of itchy, scaly skin conditions. Regardless of the source of the eczema, NeuLife Laboratories can provide effective treatment with virtually no side effects.The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it can be excruciatingly painful with an eczema flare-up. It is often difficult to determine the initial cause of eczema, but most people are found to have an accompanying medical history of allergies, hay fever, or family members with the condition. This condition goes away for many by the time they are in their teens. Unfortunately, it remains a life-long battle for hundreds of thousands.
Sometimes an emotional state will precipitate a flare-up. Stress and anger are commonly noted among people experiencing an increase in eczema symptoms. Add frustration and anxiety to the mix, and one with a history of eczema is almost certain to experience a flare-up. Emotional highs and lows affect some people physically more than others.Other causes for an eczema outbreak include temperature changes, weather changes, and sweat. It is important to acclimate slowly to changes such as from the outside cold to a warm fire. If the weather is particularly dry, use plenty of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. If the humidity is high, make sure you wear clothing that can breathe so you don’t collect moisture in skin folds.Since there is no cure for eczema, it is necessary to maintain treatment to prevent a major flare-up. NeuLife Laboratories offers an effective natural approach to managing the unending battle against the itching and discomfort of eczema. One major component in Eczana(TM) is the Canadian Willowherb. It has been used successfully in regions of the Canadian forest to soothe irritated skin. The perfect blend has been developed by NeuLife and is offered to you at a price you can afford.Psoriasis is a non-contagious genetic disease that is immune mediated. It may begin at any age. The first sign is a flat papule that is covered with a grayish-white, thin scale. It spreads peripherally. Some individuals have a widespread outbreak while others have only one or two spots.Psoriasis can also be present as an arthritic condition. Psoriatic arthritis causes damage to the bone and connective tissue surrounding the joints. This disease follows the same pattern of psoriasis in exacerbation and remission. Between psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, almost 5 million people are affected.If you have been recently diagnosed with either or both psoriatic conditions, you may feel relieved to have a diagnosis. At the same time, you are coping with the fact that there is no cure and you will have to learn to live with the cosmetic results of this disease. This can have a devastating affect on self-esteem. In addition to the physical difficulties, many living with psoriasis must deal with the depression that is often experienced.While there is no cure, there are great products on the market to help with the symptoms of psoriasis. NeuLife Laboratories has a product that is helping people reclaim their lives. Eczana(TM) is an all-natural cream that will control the itching and help repair the skin. It includes ingredients to provide protection and moisture to the affected areas. This allows the body to heal and reduces the intensity of recurring episodes.
Many factors go into finding the right psoriasis treatment. This includes the location on the body of the outbreak, the severity, one’s medical history, and one’s age. The right kind of treatment can reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks. A trial-and-error approach is often necessary to find the best treatment for each individual.Outbreaks of psoriasis are rated and treated according to severity. For moderate or mild psoriasis, topical treatments are the first line of defense. This consists of gels, ointments, or lotions with coal tar or steroids. Steroids are drugs that have been developed to mimic hormones such as cortisone that occur in the body naturally. Coal tar is a centuries-old treatment for itching and inflammation.For moderate to severe outbreaks, an added therapy of ultraviolet light may be initiated. This involves the exposure of the skin to a specific light wavelength. If either of these treatments do not resolve or control the outbreak, systemic medications may be prescribed. However, these prescription drugs can have serious side effects. This is particularly true for the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed for psoriatic arthritis.
To avoid the side effects of so many of the medications on the market today, check out the all-natural treatments available at NeuLife Laboratories. You will find products that provide support to the immune system and overall good health. Eczana(TM) is specifically designed to help with the discomfort and control of psoriasis.Eczema and Psoriasis are incurable and uncomfortable. The introduction of Eczana(TM), from NeuLife Labs, has offered the public an all-natural defense against these afflictions and unfair skin ailments.

6 Tips For A Weight Loss Plan

The first step for healthy weight loss is to create some sort of weight loss plan.I know that sounded a little vague, but your weight loss plan does NOT have to be something that only NASA could understand or approve.YOUR weight loss plan should include such simple things as what activities (exercise) you are going to indulge in, when, where, and so on. You will want to outline your goals, both long term and short term goals You will definitely need to outline what your strategy will be for nutrition…notice I DID NOT say “diet”!Why have a formal, or at least semi-formal, weight loss plan?It has long been known to those who are successful in business, sports, entertainment, motivation, and other areas, that one way to improve your chances of success is to sit down and write out where you are, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there.It is easier to plan for losing weight, or any other goal related activity, if there exists a clear picture of starting points, ending points, and how you intend to move from one point to the other. It is very easy to start a weight loss program or any other activity with intense motivation and a flurry of lofty plans only to lose site of the objective or to be led down unproductive paths by daily activities and the blurring effect of time.Here are a few tips to consider when putting together YOUR personal weight loss plan:1. Make your goals realistic:Wanting to weigh what you weighed in high school is, for most of us at least, unrealistic. Using some movie star’s weight or a relative’s weight as your goal is also possibly detrimental to actually accomplishing effective weight loss. Each of those people arrived at THEIR weight by a combination of genetics, diet, and exercise which may not apply to you at all!Most people do not realize that a healthy weight loss program should, for most people, result in a weight loss of only a pound or so a week. To many who have been striving for years to lose weight, this may seem a depressing statement. However, let me put it in perspective.I have a close friend who was so desperate to lose weight that she opted for gastric bypass surgery. She weighed 340 lbs at the time of the surgery. When the doctor was briefing her on what to expect, she learned that even with surgical intervention, she would probably only lose about 70 lbs in her first year. That works out to 1.35 lbs a week, which would be a healthy weight loss that most people could achieve through a combination of physical activity and proper nutrition. The doctor also informed my friend that she would continue to lose weight over the following years until she reached some new level which would be determined by genetics, nutrition, and activity. This is the same expectation that anyone bypassing the bypass and opting for a healthy weight loss program could expect.Finally, unrealistic weight loss goals insure failure, while an average of a pound a week over a period of a year is relatively easy to attain with motivation and effort.2. Do not focus on weight loss:I know that sounds strange since your goal IS weight loss, but it is easy to see failure if you are only looking for weight loss. For example, people’s weight fluctuates from day to day and even within the day itself. A temporary setback where weight is regained becomes inflated if viewed against the background of only weight loss. However, if your goal is to do the things which are going to make you healthy, for example, then those few days of overeating at Thanksgiving may be more excusable in your own heart if you know that you have been taking your walks, or have cut your use of sugar, or are still taking action in some other form.This is something that should be considered in your weight loss plan. How are you going to make your life better overall? How many ways can you approach “weight loss”? Do not make it your goal to lose so many pounds this week. Rather, set a goal to walk so many minutes, lift so many pounds, garden for so many minutes. That way, even if your weight does not change that much in that period or even goes in the wrong direction, you still know that your body is benefiting from the parts of your weight loss plan that you are still in touch with.NOTE: People who begin exercising as part of their weight loss program often experience a weight GAIN somewhere in the first few weeks of their new exercise experience. THIS IS PERFECTLY NATURAL! If you have just begun exercising to lose weight and experience a weight gain, this should be only temporary, and is most commonly caused by your body adding muscle mass faster than it loses fat.3. Plan to go slow:I don’t know if there is a statistic somewhere that demonstrates how many people drop out of their weight loss program due to stress, strain, pain, or just plain burnout. However, I have experienced it myself, I have read about it, and I know people it has happened to. Sometimes the simplest statements are most true. One that you will often hear is, “It took years for your body to get this way, and you cannot change it overnight.” This is so true. Also, take into consideration that, even though you might not be SEEING significant changes, if you are taking the steps that you have outlined in your weight loss plan, your body is adapting inside, in places you cannot see, but it is repairing and preparing to move to higher levels of fitness and health.4. Plan to measure your progress:I know I said not to stress so much about the weight loss, but you do need to see what is going on. You don’t have to concentrate exclusively on pounds lost, however. If you can walk farther this week than you could two or three weeks ago, you are progressing. Hopefully, in another two weeks, you will be walking farther, or faster. If, at the start of your weight loss program you could only exercise for five minutes at a time, and now you can exercise for 15 minutes, that is progress, isn’t it? That’s an accomplishment and is something you should be proud of.NOTE: One measurement of progress in a weight loss program is quite simply “size”. Two weeks into a weight loss program, you might actually have gained weight, for example, as I pointed out a few paragraphs ago. However, if your clothes are looser, or you need to buy smaller clothes, or friends are coming up and asking, “Have you lost weight?” these are good signs that your program is working even if your scales haven’t gotten the news yet.5. Plan to stay motivated:One of the most common obstacles that knock people off their weight loss program is loss of motivation. The drive and excitement that gets you started is very seldom still around when you lace up your walking shoes for what seems like the millionth time and have only lost two lbs.Including your reasons for losing weight, the emotional and perhaps physical triggers that got you started in the first place, as part of your written weight loss plan gives you a means of reinvigorating your desire to achieve your goals. We often forget how we felt and what we believed at the start of such a journey, and being able to pull out the paper and review the dreams and expectations can bring us back up to that original level, or at least remind us of what we are enduring this for.I used to be an instructor for a major national corporation, and one thing that I and other instructors would tell our students was, to achieve their goals, they had to, “plan their work, and work their plan.”

Women’s Issues

ARTICLES ON WOMEN ‘S ITEMS AND REQUIREMENTSMother is the substitute to God. But there is no substitute to mother in the universe.Today the women are in forefront in all fields. They are performing all kinds of actions in equal to men besides performing the responsibilities of a mother. Besides looking after her children, women are working as industrialists and decision /policy making personnel in all fields today.I am saluting the entire women community who stands as leaders. As a mark of respect to them I have built a website to give tips and suggestions on cosmetology, women health care, fashion, methods to earn from home for women through internet, and beauty subjects with a mother’s care. Several useful articles are also placed in the headings concerned. All are invited to go through the under mentioned website and get benefits.Mother is the substitute to god. The God gave a great opportunity to the race of women to give birth to a human thus helping to continue God’s creation and thus became worshiping figure. After giving birth, as the mother she takes all kinds of efforts and care to her children and brought up them as future citizens. Thus, the role of the mother is great in this civilized society. The love of the mother is endless and it is shown in several heads under HOME page. Several tips and suggestions given to all women as a Mother.Nowadays the Cosmotology is very important to every women. Keeping every part of the body with good shape is necessary to keep fit and young also. Under this section several items related to women with tips (from A to Z) is given for their benefits.Today every women shall live healthy. So items like keeping fit, weight loss techniques, face lift, yoga methods and several tips for fitness of body and soul is given. If one practices it perfectly he/she will be benefited by it. The articles on Health prepared scientifically and also with the care of the mother.In today’s world, every women wish to call her as a beauty queen. God has created every one with more or less beautifulness and the human has developed several systems to appear beautifully. All essential tips given in this page and follow them in a easy way and look pretty women.Today the world became very nearer to all through Internet. It is also worthy to note that any body with little computer knowledge can earn money from home by doing simple process. Under this, section various methods of earning money through Internet is given elaborately and one can earn without any investment. All you have to do is,to study the procedures given and start to earn from the next minute onwards.Fashion is one of the fascinating kind and mostly 100% of the women are fond of new and latest fashion. Under this section various dress models are given for girls. Fashion tips for girls, middle aged and old are given. Articles on seasonal dresses for vintage, autumn are given and the women of all age group will be benefited.

Finding Cheap Home Insurance Online Quickly

You cannot deny that most people were dreaming to have a cheap insurance home with good coverage benefits. Well, you can find that if you are determined and patient enough to shop around or shop on it online through the net.The net is the easy way to do your searching since you own the time and day you want to shop. The quickest access to ask for home insurance quotes and aside from that, you can do some research to have some idea and knowledge with regards to insurance whether home, car, life, health and etc.There are different types of home insurance policies to choose from:Legal protection or liabilities coverage: where in anyone who gets injured in your homes or property.
Building Insurance: which covers the building structure of your homes including the sheds, fences and garage, gazebo, etc.
Home contents Insurance: This covers the damages such as valuable things such as furniture, clothes, sports equipment, cabinet, jewelry, etc inside your home due to water, fire, etc.
Buy or take only the coverage that you needSince all insurance companies are different then they don’t have the same rates, coverage and as well as their services. Take note that most quotes for your home, if ever you will ask from insurance companies, it’s free.Always find suitable insurance policy whether cheap or not as long as you can afford and fits best to your needs and with reputable insurance company, for sure you will have peace of mind. By asking quotes either online or not, it is more convenient and easy to compare the cost, the coverage, etc.Most of the insurance companies have their own websites in the net and all the information needed or required by the consumer or customer are available on their websites. You can ask or acquire all the required information about your home insurance policy too.Homeowner insurance covers several kinds of damages but there is also some certain exceptions as well. Most of the regular home insurance, floods, earthquakes, hurricane, etc are not covered and if ever you want that to cover in your home insurance then that is separate as additional coverage.Bear in mind that a home is your dream and was achieved by your hard work and that home where in you spend huge amount of money also need some protection so that in case of disaster occur in the future, your home will be replace and so the contents of your house.So think how important homeowner insurance is to your dream house and how it gives you peace of mind. Cheap home insurance are good but most of the coverage are limited and if ever you want a full coverage for your home insurance, then the better.Cheap home insurance can also be found online through the net but you need to be aware and carefully in finding it, since there are also some frauds online.