Learn How to Add Google Gadgets to a Joomla Website

By | May 5, 2023

Google offers a tremendous amount of “gadgets” that can be embedded in to your site. These gadgets can be many things including movie show times, currency converters and weather data. If you find one of these that you like, or if you have a client that would like to add one of them to their website, you will need to understand how to include them in to a Joomla website.The most important part of adding Google Gadgets to a Joomla site is finding where and how to put the code so that it will appear only in the locations you or your client specify. This is relatively easy, and I will explain it step by step next.The first thing to do is to find out where to find all of Google’s Gadgets. Go to google.com/ig/directory. Next, choose a Gadget you would like to have on your site and click on “Add to your webpage”. Then click on “Get the Code” underneath the gadget and copy the code and paste it in to a text document and save it someplace on your hard drive.Next, login to the administrator area of your site. Go to Extensions > “Module Manager” and click on “New”. When you are prompted to make a choice, choose “Custom HTML” and click “Next”. Give the module a title and decide if you want the title to show up in the browser for all of your visitors to see.You will have to decide which module position and which pages the Gadget will appear on next. Hopefully you will have thought this out ahead of time and then can add the pages under the “Menu Assignment” pane and choose the module position from the pop-up menu. You can always change both of these anytime you want if you don’t like how the gadget appears on certain pages.Finally, in “Custom Output” click on HTML in the bottom of the pane if you are using an html editor, then paste the code obtained from Google that you had saved in to a text document earlier. If you are not using an HTML editor, just paste the code right in to the Custom Output pane. Now, click “Save” and your Gadget will be in the module position on the pages you had specified.